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About the company

Mission of IT Department of the company Sigas is consulting, implementation and support in the field of information technologies.

The strategy can be described with the key pillars of success:

  • To form a competent and responsible project team with members of the customers and providers
  • definition of the actual needs of our valued customers
  • creation of the most effective strategies and solutions with “lean mentality” of startups
  • performance through careful monitoring of defined criteria of success
  • to ensure responsive support and after-sales activities and
  • to ensure that all activities are reflected in improved business results.

Our values:

We humans are at the helm of development. A long trip can be successful only with responsible actions.

In life there are many circumstances or situations which are not in our favor. You can choose a lot of responses, which lead to different routes. The key difference, however, is where they will lead us, and what will we experience on that paths. We believe that honesty can give a birth to mutual trust and connect people with solid ties of mutual respect. We strive for a relaxed work environmentand to sincere corporate culture. Only one way is the best.

A man is a singular being, but together we are human. Own-initiative, coordinated and flexible group, which operates as a whole was also historically key strength of human progress.

We know that there is no guarantee that big companies will outperform the small ones. But the quick ones always win over slow. Our advantage is the ability of rapid adaptation. In each situation we’re trying to do the most with the resources that are available. We are aware that the decision whether we’re part of the problem or part of the solution, is always in our hands. We will always choose to be part of solutions.


Business cooperation – visual communications

We are happy to announce long term cooperation with young and dynamic company Džezz produkcija – Studio for visual communications. Enchantement origins in a shared vision of integration, perfect fit …